Appropriate Golf Cart Parts to fix your EZGO or Yamaha

by Melissa Morris

Why is it so difficult to choose golf cart parts? The simple answer is you don’t always get a one-size-fits-all part to fix the damage. There are hundreds of golf cart make, and models and that’s what makes it difficult for you to choose the right part for a specific cart. For example, if you have an EZGO or a Yamaha, the components of other Yamaha golf carts may not be compatible with this model.

If you are looking for golf cart parts for ezgo and yamaha look to buy refurbished cart parts that go easy on their pocket. But it will be wise to spend a few more bucks and get a new part because if you have an EZGO or Yamaha, it is a sign of class, and you wouldn’t want to put a dent on its luxury outlook to save money.

With the availability of multiple cart parts, it has become easier for everyone to choose the appropriate part for their respective golf cart. Here are some of the components that will fit best for your EZGO or Yamaha:

Golf cart batteries

Golf cart owners often don’t check the batteries and water level. This leads to reduced battery life, and ultimately you have to buy a new one. Although purchasing a golf cart battery is expensive, it is wise to get a new one to ensure that the golf cart can run for long periods. Make sure that you switch the lights off before parking the cart. Sometimes, the cart or some of its accessories are not switched off properly and, that can consume a lot of battery.

Golf cart clutch

The clutch is an essential part of the golf cart that runs the wheels by putting power on to the motor. Every golf cart has two clutches: the primary clutch known as the drive clutch and the secondary clutch known as the driven clutch. The primary clutch connects the engine crankshaft, and the secondary clutch connects the car’s input shaft. Even if one of the clutches become non-functional, the cart will not work. You need to find the exact make and model of the EZGO Yamaha clutch to make the cart work again. Check if there is a jerk during the initial acceleration of the cart. That is a sign of a faulty clutch that needs replacement.

Golf cart shocks

You will often notice that front or back end of your EZGO Yamaha is sagging. This makes the cart bumpy and noisy while riding. It is an indication that the suspension parts have run its time and they need a quick replacement. Most cart parts like leaf spring, coil-over suspension, struts, and cart shocks become non-functional with regular use. These parts are readily available, and they don’t cost a fortune. It is important to change these parts if you notice that the cart is bumpy even on a smooth road. Always choose heavy-duty golf cart shocks for your EZGO Yamaha to get a smoother ride next time.

Regardless of how well you maintain your golf cart, some parts will need replacements because of regular wear and tear. But make sure you buy the correct make and model to make your golf cart last longer.

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